Hello, I'm Nicholas Mercer.

Senior Developer & Resident Geek.

Who Am I?

Outside of code, I'm a dad first to a kick butt kiddo, obsessed with cats, a horology fanatic, a soccer fanboy, gamer, RC car lover, and just a generally awesome guy.

I build projects.

YallSay*, WPVue Tuffin, and more.

* Available soonish; more details coming.

I work (or have worked) with these fine folks.

Fuel Travel, CreativeMMS, The Post and Courier, United States Department of Defense (USAMRIID), misc contract work, and you?

I write occassionaly (working on more often).


I'm available to help**

Email, Github and CV.

** Hotel & travel related projects are off limits due to non-compete.

Get Social.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.