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I was on a high for a minute
Feeling just right, just fine for a minute

*waves* Hi there 2020, I'm a few days late on writing, but let's jump in...

About three years ago, there was this random discussion between my wife and I about the idea of flying from the east coast to the west coast solely for a concert in Los Angeles. For a large number of people, this is not something crazy or fascinating, but for me, it was a bit… outside of the normal or my comfort zone.

Starting Over

It was quite honestly said in jest at first, but ultimately, tickets to the concert as well as flights were purchased and the adventure was about to begin. The purpose of this “Hello, World” writing isn’t about that trip, it’s instead about the journey since then and how it leads up to today (and why you’re reading this post).

You see, flying about 2,800 miles in each direction meant a lot of time staring into the clouds and letting the mind wander a bit. “Things have changed” was repeated in my notes many times throughout my writings during the flight, but this lead to a bit of an idea that I just have been to distracted (loosing my mother didn’t help) or busy to listen to until now.

You see, if you were to take a small knife, trace and cut a small line around my head, and peel back the top of the skin, you’d see a small little boy. Somewhere around the age of six or seven, hiding out in a closet, and staring into a small kids toy laptop which allowed for BASIC code to be written on a little VTEC laptop (while watching Johny Quest).

This little guy was excited, driven, and beyond interested in anything code and technology related he could get his hands on; not because it was a hip gadget or device, but because of the love of code and technology - passion.

Fast forwarding a “fewish” (hah) years, that little guy is still deep in my head, still driving the code that comes from my finger tips daily. The problem is that the seven year old nerd vs full time working dad nerd have different motivations, different time allowances for learning, and different hopes & goals for the future.

With many years of coding under my belt now as a hobby and as career, having worked (and still currently working) with some absolutely AMAZING companies and clients, and the pleasure of working and meeting some of the best in the industry, I want to take a bit of a, let’s call it a “refresher.”

What I want to do at this point is honenstly to take a step back, see what it’s like for all of these new developers, focus on just building things that make me happy or are an excuse to hack around, spend time in the community, watch classes and videos, build open (and closed) source projects, and experience life alongside other developers. After years of chasing the top spots in forums, points / achievements on random sites, or just coding with folks online - the social aspect faded and I want to get back involved in the community and bring back the passion.

For me, I honestly at it’s core, just want to step away from the echo chamber and spend time focusing on what is important to me in general; not just professionaly. This also means appeasing that little guy still living inside of my mind; chasing a bit of passion versus chasing what adds more income on a monthly basis.

With all of that said, why start this site?

The short answer is that I’m still a bit “old” school in how I learn things, share notes & knowledge with others, and keep track of things; on top of my notebook and pen that’s always by my side, I want to spend time writing tutorials, recording videos, sharing quick links and notes, and engaging in the community.

So for tonight, I say sleep well, tomorrow will be a new day, and the start of something fun…